Save energy and cash with Solar Panel Installation in Honolulu, HI

Clean energy is here, and it's more affordable to implement than ever!

If you're considering clean energy options, such as solar power installation, to provide your home or business with the power you need, then you need look no further than Solectric, right here in Honolulu, HI.

We're dedicated to not only providing you with the best solar panel installation and other energy solutions possible, but to providing you with the best customer service experience possible. Come see us in Honolulu today and learn more about solar panel installation and how affordable it really is to make the switch!

Featured systems

Solar Electric Photovoltaic systems

Clean energy through solar panel installation in Honolulu, HI

Clean energy saves

Solectric in Honolulu has a comprehensive selection of solar systems that provide clean energy for you to choose from. Your solar panel installation will be done quickly, carefully, and with minimum disruption to your home. Solar panels are a cost effective solution to the rising cost of electricity. Our systems integrate with your primary electricity source to reduce your power costs each and every month. Find out more by contacting us today!

Cost effective hot water after solar panel installation in Honolulu, HI

Solar water heating

Electric hot water systems and attic fans use a large amount of power. Our clean energy solar water heating systems and solar attic fans can be installed to provide increased efficiency. Enjoy piping hot water whenever you need it, without the strain on your budget. We can use your existing sun power panels, or install new ones to handle both jobs. For more information, or an assessment, please contact our team in Honolulu.

Family enjoying home with solar panel installation in Honolulu, HI

Save more than cash

When you choose to implement a clean energy solution for your home or business, you're helping more than just your pockets. By choosing clean energy, such as solar power, you're making an investment in the future of the planet. The less electricity you use, the less fossil fuels are used. In addition to solar panel installation, we also provide electrical service upgrades and full electrical installations. Everyone's a winner with solar power from Solectric in Honolulu.